Recipe: Good For You Cheeze-Its

Good  For  You  Cheeze-­Its, Slightly adapted from Weelicious

Want a tasty cracker that is made from only a few ingredients and is full of whole grains, fiber, and vitamins?  Try these and both kids and adults will be asking for more!  They come together in no time and the dough freezes well so you can always have some on hand

3⁄4  cup  wheat  germ

3⁄4  cup  whole  wheat  pastry  flour  or  white  whole  wheat  flour

1⁄2  cup  grated  parmesan  or  pecorino

1⁄2  teaspoon  salt

1⁄4  cup  unsalted  butter,  cut  into  cubes  and  chilled

1⁄4  cup  water,  plus  1  tablespoon  at  a  time


Place  1st  four  ingredients  in  a  food  processor  and  pulse  to   combine.    Add  butter  and  pulse  until  a  course  meal forms.   Add  1⁄4  cup  water  and  run  until  the  dough  starts  coming   together.  Add  an  extra  tablespoon  of  water  at  a time  if  the   dough  looks  dry.  Form  the  dough  into  a  disc  with  your   hands  and  roll  it  out  between  2  pieces  of parchment  to  1⁄4   inch  thick.  Use  a 1-­2  inch  cookie  cutter  to  cut  crackers.

Bake  on  a  parchment  lined  cookie sheet at  350  F  for  12-15   minutes.  Watch  them  towards  the  end  as  they  tend  to burn   quickly.

If choosing to freeze, either freeze the disc of dough whole or freeze already cut out crakcers on a cookie sheet until frozen and then place in a bag.  Can be baked right out of the freezer.