Dr. Early offers naturopathic care that tailors treatment based on an individual’s goals by offering a comprehensive and holistic approach towards health.

Treatment Modalities:

Botanical Medicine is the use of medicinal plants (herbs) to heal or treat the body.  Herbs may be given in the form of capsules, salve / lotion, teas, or tinctures.

Dietary and Lifestyle Counseling can involve a large portion of one’s true healing process. Food is not only nourishment but also medicine and is both healing and the building blocks of our being.  Proper nutrition, restful sleep, exercise, and decreased stress levels are necessary for health.  These things are at the core of naturopathic medicine and can cause profound changes to one’s health when properly addressed.

Nutraceuticals are at times necessary to ‘supplement’ the body with what it might be missing or need a little extra of.  Nutraceuticals oftentimes have multiple components to them and can include various things such as amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, herbs, or other compounds.

Homeopathy is based upon the principle of like treats like using the inherent wisdom our bodies possess by healing from the inside out.  It is given in minuscule doses and is considered safe when given in conjunction with other drugs, herbs, etc.

Physical Medicine is used for musculoskeletal conditions and can involve the use of therapeutic touch, hot/cold therapies, or spinal manipulation.

There is currently no quality control process that is required by the FDA for supplements or other over the counter health products to be sold in stores in the U.S. Therefore, Dr. Kidd only uses companies she trusts for the above things that meets quality control standards in Europe and Australia requiring even 3rd party testing of the ingredients in their final products. This assures not only safety but also the highest quality of ingredients so that optimal results may be achieved.